Fig in the oven

Santa Fe, NM


Natasha Kaelesch



passionate about food and women's health

Rooted in a holistic approach to fertility, Fig in the Oven uses the healing power of food to empower and support women and families to reach their nutritional goals one delicious meal at a time. Founded by Natasha Leschinsky, Fig in the Oven is a compilation of an innate penchant for all things food-related, a passion for women’s health, and a sense of wonder and appreciation for the natural world.

Natasha's educational experience began at the University of California Santa Cruz where she earned a Bachelor’s in Feminist Studies. During the course of her education she concentrated on women's health, focusing on birthing practices. She relocated to San Francisco to train at Natural Resources, a community-focused business which supports families and advocates for informed decisions before, during, and after birth. Now, as a trained birth doula, she believes in supporting women naturally throughout pregnancy and the birthing process with a focus on self-care and nourishment in all forms.

Raised in her mother’s California garden, Natasha grew up playing hide and seek in the kiwi vines and picking slugs off strawberries. Learning the positive effects of sustainable organic farming practices from a young age, she always paid attention to where her food was coming from and how flavors varied in ingredients depending on the sourcing locations. Her food inspiration led her to some of the best restaurants in San Francisco and Portland where she has continued to learn and grow her culinary knowledge.

Natasha knew that there had to be a way to bridge her passions and found it in the National University of Natural Medicine’s Master in Nutrition program. She knew that food would always be a part of her career, but also wanted to be able to help women during this significant time in their lives. Fig in the Oven was truly born out of a desire to support healthy eating habits, fertility, and optimal birthing experiences. Natasha looks forward to supporting you on your journey!